Conference Goals

Conference Goals

The International Conference of Modern Technologies in Sciences with the general purpose of providing a platform for the interaction and co - operation of scientific , educational and research institutions at the international level and the participation of interested scholars , researchers and students , on the date of 13 March 2019 . The Policy Council of the Scientific Event is trying to take a step towards achieving the following goals :

1. familiarization with the latest scientific achievements and the latest research methods accomplished related to new technologies .

2. provision of a suitable platform for transferring knowledge and experiment of various countries .

3. The familiarity of academic experts and researchers and the country 's research and industry centers with one another 's activities .

4. Data exchange and communication between industrialists and researchers .

5. Achieving appropriate solutions for sustainable development in various fields of science .

6. attract experts and politicians of sectors related to the importance of the use of modern achievements in the optimization of activities and attention to the category of sustainable development .

7. Increasing the awareness of people in the field of sustainable development and using basic resources less and maintaining status quo .