Guidelines For Paper Submission

Guidelines For Paper Submission

The papers submitted to the conference are accepted in two full paper forms and summary paper.

Send complete articles in Persian and English at least 3 and max. 6 pages and in accordance with the template of the articles in Word format.

Articles in persian and English (250-400 words) should be submitted in Word format in accordance with the template.

The complete article structure should include the title, author's name, address, summary, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions and references.

The summary structure of the articles should include the title, author's name, address, summary and references.

The name of the author will be marked with the mark (*) and under the name of the line provider.

After announcing the results of the arbitration on the site of the Congress, the submitter of the paper must act in the deadline set for the registration and submission of the transfer image to the secretariat, otherwise the article accepted from the Congress program is deleted and will not be in the book of articles.